Eagle Scout Information

Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouting. In 2012, the centennial year of the Eagle Scout Award, 57,976 Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank— more than in any previous year. In 2013, 62 Boy Scouts in the Five Rivers Council, BSA earned their Eagle Award! That is roughly 5.7% of registered Boy Scouts. The National average is 6.57%.  From 1912 to 2012, more than 2 million Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank.

If you would like to get started on your Eagle Scout Award, start here: 

You can earn Eagle Scout Palms after you have earned your Eagle Scout Award. Here’s where to get started:

Additional Eagle Scout resources and information:

If you would like additional information or if you have questions, please contact the Scout Service Center.

 Five Rivers Council Eagle Scout workbook and application process for 2021 (Download)

 Due to the Scout Store closure the Five Rivers Council has modified the process for Eagle Scout’s. 

If a youth needs to turn in paperwork. In this step we will be asking the Eagle Chairs to collect and review the paperwork and verify signatures (more info further in document on signatures). Paperwork can be turned in at the Elmira office if the Eagle Chair is not available to meet. 

    1. COVID-19 Precaution: Below are some suggestions to retrieve the paperwork from leaders or youth, please use YPT if meeting in person.
      1. Scan paperwork to Eagle Chair 
      2. Take a picture and email it to Eagle Chair 
      3. Select a location and drop off the paperwork to Eagle Chair (front porch, mailbox, etc.) 
      4. Last resort, have the youth contact Chris Theurich for arrangements 
    2. Eagle Project
      1. Contact the youth and give them the go ahead or suggest changes to the project. 
      2. Completed project does not need to be sent to the Elmira office. Eagle Chairs should hold onto the paperwork for the BOR. 
    3. Eagle application
      1. Once project is completed and paperwork is turned in to Eagle Chairs, forward signed application to Chris Theurich via email, text or in person. Chris Theurich will then verify the Eagle candidate 
      2. Please make sure all signatures are included. 
      3. Chris Theurich will contact unit leader, Eagle Chair, and youth if there is any missing information. It will be up to the Eagle Chair, Leader and Youth to resolve the issue and contact Chris Theurich once completed. If further help is needed to resolve the issue, please contact your District Executive. 
    4. Board of Review 
      1. BOR’s can be done by virtual means. Zoom and Google Hangouts are easy to use. If you need help setting up a virtual meeting, please contact Marc McGrain for guidance. Please refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting for conducting a virtual meeting with a youth.
        1. If a youth does not have the means to do a virtual meeting or you do not have enough Eagle board members who can attend the virtual meeting, then the Youth will need to request a time extension. Please contact Chris Theurich for any time extension requests or questions regarding this process. 
        2. In person BOR’s are allowed at this time, please check with your local regulations on meeting size. Hand sanitizer should be made available for all and a 6’ distance is required between individuals otherwise a mask must be worn. 
    5. Signatures 
      1. Scan paperwork and have individual sign and scan back 
      2. Use an electronic signature or digital signature 
      3. Use an email stating that the individual approves to use their name for the intended purpose. 
      4. BOR signatures, please use the above means if you have more than the Eagle Chair sign. 
    6. Time extensions 
      1. The Council Advancement Committee has been granted to give 6-month time extensions by the National Office and the Five Rivers Council with the stipulations below. 
      2. The member joined or rejoined (or became active again after a period of inactivity or became refocused on advancement after a period of inattention) in time to complete all requirements before turning 18. 
      3. Through no fault or choice of the Scout, an unforeseen circumstance or life changing event with severe consequences has come to exist that now precludes completion of the requirements before the deadline. Examples might include, but are not limited to, a hospital stay, disabling injury, significant personal or family incident or issue, natural disaster, severe unseasonable weather, or the actions of others (see below, “Misinformation from adults in positions of authority). If the circumstance is health related, it should have been unforeseen and of recent onset, or a complication or intensification of an ongoing issue. 
      4. The circumstance is beyond the control of the Scout, could not have been anticipated or planned for, and was not or cannot be resolved in time to complete the requirements. 
      5. Reference – GTA- (netdna-ssl.com) 
    7. Reference letters 
      1. Reference letters can be sent out by electronic means to the youth from the Eagle Chairs or in person (YPT and COVID safety precautions). 
      2. All Eagle Chairs will need to have reference letters on hand. Contact Chris Theurich (607) 368-4138 or chris.theurich@scouting.org and make arrangements to have packets made if you need them. He will need a copy of your district reference letter to print. 
      3. The Elmira office will not have reference letters on hand