Eagle Scout Information

Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank in Boy Scouting. In 2012, the centennial year of the Eagle Scout Award, 57,976 Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank— more than in any previous year. In 2013, 62 Boy Scouts in the Five Rivers Council, BSA earned their Eagle Award! That is roughly 5.7% of registered Boy Scouts. The National average is 6.57%.  From 1912 to 2012, more than 2 million Boy Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank.

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You can earn Eagle Scout Palms after you have earned your Eagle Scout Award. Here’s where to get started:

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If you would like additional information or if you have questions, please contact the Scout Service Center.

 Five Rivers Council Eagle Scout workbook and application process for 2021 (Download)

  1. Once a Scout reaches Life Rank, they may begin working on their Eagle Project Planning.
  2. All reference materials and required documents for the Eagle process can be found on the Council
    website at www.fiveriversbsa.org, click on Resources, Advancement, Eagle Scout Information.
  3. Read the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and The Eagle Scout Rank Application in the entirety.
  4. The Scout should obtain a blank copy of the Eagle Scout Rank Application. This application will serve as
    a working copy to ensure that all advancements are completed and recorded with the Council. The
    application also provides the seven requirements to become an Eagle Scout. The needed information
    may be obtained from your Scoutmaster or Unit Advancement Coordinator. They can obtain your
    individual information by logging into Scoutbook.
  5. A Scout is encouraged to contact their District Eagle Chair and troop committee to discuss their
    proposed project prior to writing the initial plan. This is not required but may eliminate problems or
    prevent wasted time on an inadequate project. Contact information for your District’s Eagle Chair is
    provided at www.fiveriversbsa.org under Resources then Advancement.
  6. Once a Scout has completed the project proposal (Workbook pages 7-12) and the fundraising
    application (when applicable), they should contact those individuals who need to review and sign off on
    the project. All signatures on the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook must be obtained before a
    project can be started. The final signature from the District/Council can be obtained by contacting your
    District’s Eagle Chair.
  7. Once the proposal is approved, the next step is to complete the Final Project Plan section (Workbook
    pages 13-18) and share the detailed plans with the project beneficiary and Scoutmaster before
    beginning work on the project.
  8. All advancement requirements and the Eagle Scout project must be completed before the Scout’s 18 th
    birthday. The Eagle Scout Rank Application and completed Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook must
    be turned into your District Eagle Chair.
  9. Eagle Scout Reference Letters should be obtained from your District Eagle Chair when the Eagle
    Workbook and application are turned in. The reference letters can be sent electronically or with
    pre addressed return envelopes provided by your District Eagle Chair. It is the Scout’s responsibility to
    distribute the reference letters. Scouts are not permitted to handle or collect reference letters once
  10. Once all paperwork has been processed by the Council Service Center, the District Eagle Chair will
    contact the Eagle Scout Candidate to schedule a Board of Review. The Eagle Scout Candidate should be
    prepared to wear his/her full uniform to the Eagle Scout Board of Review.