Event Registration Support

Here you will find a variety of videos that show you how to use our online event registration system.

Primary Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, Committee Chair) 

When you register for your first event. 

    • Create a log on
    • Use the email you registered in Scouting with
    • Validate your email (with the email sent to you)
    • Log in – You will now see your Unit Roster and be able to select attendees from it.

To add other Admins (Treasurer, Advancement, Etc)

    • Click here to email Registration Administer and provide name and email of additional administrators for your Unit.
    • This will let them create, edit and make payments for Unit registrations

Create & Editing Your Profile

Learn how to register for an event. Part 1 – How to start a new registration.

Learn how to register for an event. Part 2 – How to complete your registration.

Learn how to register for an event. Part 3 – How to complete your registration (Participants and booking)

My Account – Basics

My Account Part 2 – Importing, Managing and Using a personal roster.

Parent Portal – Unit Leader – How to let parents pay on their own Scouts registration balance (Summer Camp)

Parent Portal – For Parents – How to update your Scouts registration

How to sign up for classes (Summer Camp, University of Scouting, Advancement Fairs)

Online Webinar for Event Registration (3/1/20)