Scoutbook is a full featured Unit Management Software that is available for all Units to use. Scoutbook can manage your Advancement, Unit Calendar, recording Service Hours, Attendance and so much more. Click here to go to

Scoutbook has a very user friendly help system that contains videos as well. Click here to go directly to Scoutbook Help

FRC Webinar on using Scoutbook held on 1-21

Common Problems:

  1. I don’t see my Unit – By default all Committee Chairs and the Primary Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor) have full admin access. If you are REGISTERED in this position and don’s see your unit:
    1. Is this a new registration – If so, the registration needs to clear National before it becomes effective.
    2. Were you previously registered in the BSA – See our help section under My.Scouting to fix
    3. None of the above – Submit a support ticket
  2. I see my Unit but can’t do anything – The Committee Chair or Primary Unit Leader will have to give you admin access. This can be done on a tiered level (full access, advancement only, Den or Patrol, etc)
  3. I can’t enter advancement on a Scout – While waiting on registration to clear, some Units manually enter contact information for a new Scout. This lets them see the Unit Calendar and receive emails sent via Scoutbook. Until the registration clears, no advancement can be entered.
  4. I have a Scout/Adult that shows up twice – While waiting on registration to clear, some Units manually enter contact information for a new Scout. Once registration clears the manually added account and the registered account merge. If something is different (spelling of name, address, etc), the system will only add an account and not merge.
    1. Go into the unwanted account
    2. Profile
    3. Membership (if this is an adult, there may be more than one membership ie Merit Badge Counselor)
    4. End Date – put today’s date. This will expire the account, leaving you with the original.
      1. If your not sure what one, expire both. The system will bring in the correct one on a nightly sync.
      2. This also works if an account starts having issues. Think of it as a reset.


Scouting Forums – Click Here   Great area to find answers to common problems and see things that are coming 

Scoutbook Direct – Submit a Ticket –  This is a very intuitive system and will show best responses based on the question you type. If your question is still not answered you will be able to submit an email/ticket.

Local Contact – This should be used after you have looked for the answer on Scoutbook. We have some volunteers that have a familiarity with Scoutbook and may help guide you. Submit a support ticket

  • The Council can not fix any log in issues. – Click here
  • The Council can not view your Unit’s account