How You Can Help Membership

We are currently looking for Scouters with a variety of skill sets to help the Council and District Membership Committees. If you would like to help then check out our areas in most need and contact the appropriate Council or District Membership Chair listed below.

Lost Scouts (District Level)

Purpose:        Contact all Scouts in a District who have left Scouting. Offer them other opportunities in their  District. This may be Webelos how did not crossover to a Troop or Boy Scouts who have not reregistered.

Skills:             Need to have a good telephone presence and can talk to both youth and adults. Should have a computer with internet access, to look up other units available geographically for the the youth, using


New Unit Organizer/Support (District Level)

Purpose:         Provide encouragement, support and resources to newly formed units.

Skills:             Must have a strong knowledge in unit operations and a willingness to share that knowledge in support of a new unit. Must also be willing to let the unit run itself.


Disability Awareness (Council Level):

Purpose:       Provide support, education and resources to units in the Five Rivers Council to help enable a unit provide the best possible program for our youth and adults, regardless of personal challenges.

Skills:             Must have a working knowledge in at least one disability and a willingness to educate others about that disability, along with ways to provide for accommodations.


Religious Relations (Council Level):

Purpose:      Provide support, education and resources to the units in Five Rivers Council to help with the spiritual well being of our program. You will educate units about the Religious Emblems program & Chaplain program, along with providing training for our Chaplain Aid (youth position). You will also educate units about incorporating Scout’s Own as part of unit events.

Skills:          Must be open and willing to discuss religious beliefs and be open to other faiths. Members recognize that a “A Scout is Reverent” and recognize and respect that the choice of their faith is a personal and family decision.


Membership Committee (Council & District):

Purpose:      Help strengthen and grow the Scouting program.

Skills:          The members of this committee believe that the Scouting program truly is one of the best youth serving organizations in the world. They believe that all youth should be given the opportunity to be a part of this organization. We also realize that everyone needs help with delivering the promise of Scouting. There is no specific skill set necessary, just a dedication to help grow and strengthen the program.


If you are interested in helping out or even learning more please contact one of the people listed below.

Council Membership Committee

Eileen Fisher                              Brad Bodoh

VP for Membership                    Staff Advisor


District Membership Committee Chairs

Big Horn District                       Endless Mountains District                       Silver Fawn District