Equipment Needs

Wilderness First Aid is a very equipment intensive class. Most of the equipment used is on loan from various instructors and/or units. The amount of the equipment we have is what currently limits the class sizes.

We are always on the lookout for equipment in various stages of use. If you or your unit has anything listed below and would like to donate it to the Five Rivers Council CPR training please make arrangements with Marc McGrain.


Water Filter – Cartridge style – does not need to work

Tent – any condition as long as it stands, this is used as a scenario propt. Leaks terrible is fine.

Tarps – any size, almost any condition

7′ Poles, 2-3″ in diameter, relatively straight

Frame Style Backpack – condition of any fabric piece is not important

Lifeguard Throw Bag – any condition. This is used for demonstration only!

SAM Splints

Wool/Heavy Blanket – used is fine

Sleeping Bag – almost any condition, used for scenarios.

Foam sleeping pads – any condition or sizes