Camp Gorton Beaver Days

How do we ensure Camp Gorton is ready for summer camp and other activities each year? Beaver Days! 

Beaver Days allow groups of volunteers to work on major projects such as tree and branch clean-up, facility cleaning, painting, and repair, or other items that require major teamwork. Each year’s schedule includes a spring and fall trail clean-up, days to set up and take down camp facilities, and a United Way Day of Action featuring corporate teams. All Beaver Days events include lunch and run from 8AM to 4PM unless otherwise indicated.  

You can get involved in Beaver Days! See this flyer for more information on 2024 plans, and sign up through the event links below. 


Volunteers at Camp Gorton pose for a group picture in front of the dining hall fireplace

Safety note: All Beaver Days activities will follow Safe Scouting guidelines. All trail maintenance participants must wear appropriate clothing for working outdoors (sturdy boots, long pants, long-sleeve shirt, hat) and bring personal protective equipment such as insect repellant, sunscreen, gloves, safety glasses, and earplugs. Those who operate chainsaws must follow Scouts BSA safety protocols and provide proof of training. 


2024 Dates Activities
Saturday, May 4 Trail maintenance: removing dead trees and overhead branches, chipping and splitting wood
Saturday, June 1 Preparation for Day of Action: review project outline, check inventories and equipment readiness
Friday, June 7 United Way Day of Action: team leaders needed to assist with corporate volunteers
Saturday, June 8 Final prep for 2024 Summer Camp: work from 8AM to 2PM 
Saturday, September 14 Trail Maintenance: removing dead trees and overhead branches, chipping and splitting wood
Saturday, October 26 Winter prep for buildings & grounds