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Volunteer with Scouting

Scouting welcomes adults of all ages and genders to fill many different roles, from youth mentorship to board membership and everything in between. By helping our youth succeed in developing character, life skills, and leadership, we help families and communities thrive! 

The Scouting organization has emerged from the challenges of the last few years by focusing on its core mission: preparing young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes. Our commitment to safety for all youth and adult members is fundamental to everything we do. 

Note: we have periodic openings for paid positions, primarily for summer Camp Gorton staff. Check out our Career Opportunities page for current positions!

Why Volunteer for Scouting?

For Youth Development

The Mission of Scouting is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes. The Scout Oath and Scout Law encourage service, kindness, accountability, and duty. Adult volunteers ensure that these values are taught and practiced meaningfully. If you have a Scout in your family, getting directly involved with their Scouting experience is a great way to deepen family relationships and create life-long memories.

For Personal Development

The Scouting program is designed to teach adult volunteers everything they need to know to deliver great programs. You don’t have to have a background in Scouting to be a great volunteer! Scout volunteers develop experience working with a diverse community, project management, and other skills that apply to work, home, or other community organizations. Scouting involvement builds friendships with other adult volunteers that can last a lifetime!  

For Community Development

Scouting programs include community service at all levels. By volunteering with Scouting, you participate in these activities as well. A healthy, vibrant Scouting program is a positive boost to the social and economic life of the community.   

What volunteer roles are needed?

Adult Unit Leaders

Each Scouting unit (Pack, Den, Post, Crew) has two or more adult leaders (21 or older) trained in Scout programs, requirements, and principles. For coed Packs, Posts, or Crews at least one female adult leader is required to participate at all times. Packs and Troops are often divided into Dens and Patrols which also need at least two leaders.

In Cub Scouts, adult leaders choose, prepare, and lead activities at weekly or monthly meetings. Scouting provides all program materials as virtual or hard copies. Activities are designed to be easy to run and fun for the adults as well as the kids!

In Scouting, Venturing, and Exploring, adult volunteers support Scouts as they choose, plan, and lead activities. Adult volunteers provide guidance and ensure safety, but allow Scouts the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. This develops leadership skills in adults and youth and is a unique characteristic of Scouting.

District-level Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to ensure all units within the District run smoothly and deliver great programming that follows Scouting values. Volunteers work closely with the District Executive and Council staff to ensure optimal use of resources. Scouting experience is helpful for all roles, but not required.  Opportunities include:

  • Commissioner: serves units by connecting them to District or Council resources, and advising them on best practices or opportunities beyond their current programming. 
  • Advancement: identifies and approves Merit Badge Counselors, plans District Advancement events, and assists Units with Advancement questions, interpretations, and training.
  • Activities: plans and executes District events, ensuring great programming and meeting all health & safety requirements. 
  • Training: plans and executes District training events, assists units with specific training needs, and ensures compliance with BSA training standards. 
  • Popcorn: organizes and promotes the annual popcorn fundraising campaign and helps units maximize their efforts. 
  • Camping: identifies and promotes camping opportunities for units, including approving Cub Scout camping locations.
  • Membership: works with units to increase recruiting and retention by developing strategies, leveraging available tools, and encouraging peer-to-peer connections.
  • Friends of Scouting: promote the annual giving campaign that makes up over 25% of council funding by presenting to units, chartered organizations, and other potential donors in the District service area. 

Council-level Volunteers

Five Rivers Council is always on the lookout for volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors or run council-level programs. Opportunities include:

  • Council-level versions of District volunteers above, who work with their counterparts at the District level and coordinate with Council staff and Board members. 
  • Religious Relations: grows and maintains relationships with religious organizations, and promotes Scout Sunday/Scout Sabbath and Duty to God programs.
  • Shooting Sports: plans and executes shooting sports training and events at Camp Gorton and other area facilities.
  • Properties: maintains and improves Camp Gorton facilities, promotes usage by Scout and non-Scout groups.
  • Fund Development: develops fundraising goals & strategy, designs and executes sponsorship packages, and coordinates overall fundraising efforts across the Council.
  • Marketing: develops and executes marketing & communication plans, manages promotions and advertising, provides PR and social media support, and trains Units, Districts, and Council staff on marketing best practices.
  • Resident Camp: develops camp programs, ensures adequate staffing, and promotes camp opportunities to Council units and the wider area. 
  • Tech Support: trains and supports units using BSA-provided tools such as my.scouting, Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, BlackPug, etc.). 
  • Risk Management: develops risk management strategy, guides and trains staff and volunteers on safety programs and protocols, and reviews incident reports. Prior experience in risk management is preferred.


Scouting uniforms are designed to create a sense of unity, equality, identification, and personal commitment.  Scout uniforms represent the ideals of Scouting and enable adult leaders to display accomplishments and demonstrate dedication. Uniforms must be well-maintained and worn neatly and are greatly encouraged to be worn for all Scouting activities. Unit leaders and assistant unit leaders are expected to wear uniforms as specified for the level of Scouting. Unit leadership can decide when uniforms must be worn, such as during a Court of Honor or community function. 


Volunteer Requirements

All adults involved with Scouting in any capacity must pass an initial background check and take Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse Training every year. Scouting practices Two-Deep Leadership which ensures that two adult leaders are required for any engagement with a Scout or group of Scouts. This requirement covers in-person activities, online communications, or personal interactions such as Merit Badge evaluations.

Annual dues for Adult Members are $93. Membership begins the month that fees are paid and continues for 12 calendar months. Other costs may include uniforms, event fees, and personal camping equipment. For more information, contact Five Rivers Council staff at info@fiveriversbsa.org.

How Can I Join?

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities currently available.

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