CPR and First Aid Training

The Five Rivers Council in conjunction with Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) are providing CPR and First Aid classes for incredibly discounted prices. ECSI is recognized by all state and federal agencies and meets BSA training requirements for certain activities/events (ie Philmont, water programs, shooting sport programs, climbing and rappelling activities). Please refer to the current Guide to Safe Scouting for specific event/activity requirements.

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Certifications Offered

Adult/Child/lnfant CPR

Automated External Defibrillator

Epi-Pen Administration

Asthma Inhaler Administration

First Aid Basics

Professional Rescuer CPR (generally required only for lifeguards)

Wilderness First Aid

Instructor Trainer in all the above mentioned classes

Format of the Classes

All the above mentioned classes (with the exception of Wilderness First Aid) are designed to be run in a classroom format using both presentation and hands on skills or blended learning. With blended learning you complete the book work online and meet with the instructor for skills instruction. Most classes can be completed in less than 3 hours. At the end of the class participants will receive a certification card, generally valid for 2 years. Wilderness First Aid has an age restriction of 14+ years. The ability to physically perform the skill is the criteria not the age of the student. Instructors must be 18+ years of age.


Find a Class or Request a Class

We generally offer Adult/Child CPR with AED at University of Scouting – annually

Wilderness First Aid is offered during both outdoor Training weekends at Camp Gorton

While the number of current authorized instructors are growing, we do not have enough to meet all the requests. We will do our best to accommodate every request that comes in. When requesting a class please send a variety of dates to make finding an available instructor easier, remember these are all volunteers like you.

Points to remember:

    • Sufficient space to sit at a table and perform skills on the floor.
    • Electric for running a computer and projector
    • CPR classes are limited to 10 students per day

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Fundraising with CPR

While being an instructor for your unit gives your unit the benefit of classes at their convenience, you can also use your this program as a fundraiser for your unit. Under the contract with ECSI, we have usage fees to pay per certification. After those fees are paid, ECSI allows us to charge whatever we want for a class. While instructors acting on behalf of the Five Rivers Council will NOT teach classes for units as a fundraiser, an instructor in your unit could. Your unit will need to fill out and submit a Unit Money Earning Application and submit it to your District professional.

How to become an Instructor

We are always looking for qualified instructors to grow this program. We currently try to run at least one instructor trainer course each year to certify new instructors. When these classes are set up, notices will be posted here, the council calendar and emails sent every unit. All new instructors will need to co-teach a minimum of 2 classes with an experienced instructor, before being allowed to teach on their own. If you are interested in being placed on a notification list for the next instructor trainer class please click here.

If you are already a certified instructor through a recognized agency (American Red Cross, American Heart, ASHI) and you would like to add ECSI please click here.

To maintain your instructor certification you will need to teach a minimum of 1 class every two years. This may be either for your unit, for your District, or for the Council.