Popcorn Fundraising

Important Dates (Download)

Show-n Sell

  • 6/10/23 – Start Date
  • 8/111/23 – Orders Due
  • 8/25/23 – Delivery
  • 9/15/23 – Payments Due

Take Orders

  • 9/1/23 – Start Date
  • 10/20/23 – Orders Placed
  • 11/9/23 – Delivery
  • 12/8/23 – Payment Due

12/31/23  – Prize Orders Due



Important Popcorn Dates

Fund Your Adventure Spreadsheet

Scout Advancement Opportunities

How To Place Unit Show-n Sell Order (video)

Show-N Sell Location ideas

Unit/Family Communication Template

Unit Sales Tools (Website)

2022 Popcorn Door Hanger

2022 Popcorn Bingo (powerpoint game)

Scouts Love Popcorn Video

Scout Email Message Template

Scout Business Card Template

Popcorn Sale Family and Friends Worksheet

Campmaster Forms & Guides


  • Units that participate in Show & Sell increase their total sales an average of 25%
  • Units that use Credit Card Readers in their sales increase by an average of 25%
  • If every Scout and Scouter in the Council sold 7 Popcorn Items we would raise half a million dollars for local Scouting

Popcorn Selling Options

Take Order

A Scout goes door to door with a take order form with a parent or a buddy, the customer writes their order on the form, the Scout returns to deliver the product and collect payment in a few weeks.  Remember always to say “thank you” to the person purchasing the popcorn.


The unit works as a team at a location(s) to show their products and to make immediate sales after getting permission to sell in front of a business, storefront, or other location.


Allows Scouts to sell online to family and friends.  There is an online account available for each individual unit and/or for each individual Scout.  Sales generated online qualifies toward Scout Rewards and scholarship credit.

**Note: All Popcorn & Prize Orders MUST be placed using the Online Ordering System**

Accepting Credit Cards

You and your Scouts can now accept credit cards!