Camp Gorton Support

Camp Gorton, like all camps, needs a lot of love and support to keep it operational and expand program offerings. The Friends of Camp Gorton, LTD (FOCG) is a domestic not-for-profit corporation created to provide financial and personnel resources to Camp Gorton, to maintain high-quality facilities, to benefit the community, youth, and families who attend camp, and to enhance the camp’s capabilities and offerings. The FOCG plans and delivers volunteer projects such as Beaver Days and capital improvements each year. See below for examples of projects and sponsors.

If you want to support Camp Gorton as a volunteer, donor, or corporate partner, contact Kurt Groeger or Brad Bodoh.

Upcoming Events

Maintenance Building
Description New Roof
Year 2018
Vendor Hale Roofing
Total value $17,500
Funded by FOCG

Memorial Lodge Boat Launch
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Description New concrete
Year 2018
Sponsors LeChase, Katie Concrete
Total value $5,600

Rifle Range Pavilion 
Description Replace portion of slab & pour new foundation 
Year 2018
Vendors Edger Enterprises, Custom Mix Concrete
Project value $11,500

Juice Works
Description PM on main electrical distribution panel, replaced & repaired existing siding & access door
Year 2018
Sponsor Schuler Haas
Total value $1,500

Algonquin Latrine
Description Replaced damaged roof with new metal roofing
Year 2018
Sponsor Welliver, Carpenters Union
Total value >$1,500

All Latrines
Description Installed new doors on 45 individual latrine stalls at 15 latrines to enable girls to attend summer camp
Year 2018
Funding Friends of Camp Gorton
Total value >$4,o00

Rifle Range
Description Regraded site, added French drain system and new skeet range
Year 2018
Sponsors Don Many & Jim Griffin
Funding NRA Grant & dedicated fundraiser
Total value >$8,o00

Utility & Building Documentation
Description Develop Master Site Plan, Master Utility Plan, document utility systems, campsites, & individual buildings, and create digital image library
Year 2018
Sponsors La Bella Associates, New York Leak Detection Inc.
Total value >$12,o00


Dining Hall Lighting
Description Install new Dining Hall lighting fixtures to improve overall lighting and energy savings ($3,100 annually)
Year 2018
Sponsors Horizon Solutions, Hilliard Corp.
Total value >$6,o00


Description Painted Ambassador’s Lodge, Empire Lodge, Latrine doors, Juice House
Year 2018
Sponsors Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Lowe’s
Total value >$1,385


Ambassador Lodge
Description New roof
Year 2017
Sponsors Welliver, Local Carpenters Union
Total value >$7,200

Empire Lodge
Description New roof
Year 2017
Sponsors Hale Roofing
Total value $5,700

Howland House
Description Painted second story
Year 2017
Sponsors Cook Painting
Total value >$8,700

Dining Hall
Description Installed 3 new boilers, boiler controls and circulating pump
Year 2017
Vendors P&J Mechanical, John Mills Electric & ID Booth
Funding Taylor Foundation
Total value >$20,000

Rifle Range Bridge
Description New roof
Year 2017
Sponsor Don Many
Total value >$850

Lakefront/Memorial Lodge
Description Constructed 110Ft. of new seawall
Year 2016
Vendor/Sponsors Dan Carr Construction, Katie Concrete
Total value $35,000

Shower house
Description Installed new boiler
Year 2016
Sponsors Five Rivers Council, P&J Mechanical
Total value >$5,000

Memorial Lodge
Description Painted exterior
Year 2016
Sponsor FOCG Board
Total value >$500