Cub Scout Overnight Adventure Camp

2021 Cub Adventure Camp Leaders Guide 

2021 Cub Scout Adventure Camp Health Form

Camp COVID19 Protocols & Risk Acknowledgement – Click here to download

Pre-Screening Health Form – Adults – Click here to download

Pre-Screening Health Form – Youth – Click here to download

In a effort to keep the price of camp as low as possible we are asking for donations of cleaning supplies. Please look at the list of needed supplies and how to donate. Camp Supply Needs – Click here to download

2021 Unit Campsite Reservation Form 

July 6 – July 9, 2021

$245 by 4/5/21 – Early Bird

$275 by 5/15/21 – Regular

$305 after 5/15/21 – Late Fee

$115 – Cub Adult

$145 – Den Chief

Campership  Mail-in Application  or  online submission  Please use Scouts registered name.
Due March 15, 2021

Camperships are provided through donation support. If you would like to support camperships CLICK HERE

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This year all Cub Scouts have a great opportunity to hone their skills, camp out overnight, and have a whole lot of fun exploring the outdoors! They’ll be so excited about working their way up to Boy Scouts that you’ll hardly be able to keep up! Cub Scout Resident Camp is an adventure filled program that is available at Sunny Camp Gorton.  The staff is planning a program packed full of fun and excitement. This experience is designed to meet the needs and advancement requirements of individual ranks by providing great age appropriate activities.

Who can attend Cub Scout Resident Camp?

Your Pack will get a taste of the Scouts BSA experience yet to come in this overnight adventure that will occur at Five Rivers Council’s beautiful Camp Gorton. The daytime program includes crafts, archery, BB gun shooting, sports, swimming, nature, outdoor skills, fishing and games. The evening activities will include open area activities, campfires, and for Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts an outpost activity. This camp is designed to meet the advancement needs and interest of each rank by providing fun and exciting, age-appropriate activities. Any currently registered Cub Scout AND boys who will attend school grades 1 through 5 in September are eligible to attend the Cub Scout Adventure Camp.

Who Runs the Cub Scout Resident Camp?

Camp is staffed by paid and volunteer leaders who run the daily events and activities. Scouts participate in an open program each day which allows the Scouts and Leaders to choose the activities they wish to participate in. The Den Leaders are volunteer adults from your own Pack, or interested parents who camp with the boys will supervise them from station to station. Volunteers are always welcome. The camp staff is locally trained by a National Camping School certified Camp Director who operate the Resident Camp. All Adult Leaders (Den Leaders and Parents) along with the Camp Staff must be Youth Protection trained. Camp Gorton also has an onsite Health Care Provider.

Should I attend Resident Camp if I went to Day Camp?

YES! Scouts are encouraged to participate in both day and resident camping programs. If you sign up for both on session of Day and Resident camp you will receive a discounted rate of $300 if paid by April 15, 2021! It is hard to find a better way to spend two weeks in a Cub Scout’s summer than at day and adventure camp.

Camperships are available for those Scouts in financial need.

What do we eat?

Meals are provided in our Dining Hall and there are opportunities for cooking over a fire as well. There will be a Chicken Barbecue for campers and family members at the end of the session. Parents and friends can participate by purchasing their meals at the Camp Trading Post. This is overnight camping, please do not pack snacks for your Scouts.

Do I wear my Cub Scout Uniform?

The activity uniform is expected for Morning Colors and throughout the day. The official field uniform is to be worn for Flag Retreat, chapel, and dinner each day. A scouting t-shirt with shorts/pants are appropriate for most other events in camp. Open toed shoes are not permitted in camp. Scouts are also encouraged to change their bathing suit after participating in water activities.

How are the camps regulated for safety?

Our Cub Scout Adventure Camp is certified by both the Boy Scouts of America through the National Camping Accreditation Standards as well as the New York State Department of Health.

To watch a video about everything we are doing to keep camp safe please click here.

If You Want To Go To Cub Scout Resident Camp!

First, let your Cubmaster know that you are interested to be sure your Pack is signed up.

Get from your Cubmaster or Camping Representative any Parent Information from the Unit Leader Guide.

Return them with payment to your son’s Pack. The Pack collects all resident camp fees and forwards them to the Scout Shop as a unit payment.

Before camp have your doctor complete a current BSA Medical Form and a Medication Form. If you should need more information contact the Scout Shop (607) 796-0699 for further details or email Karl Ziegenfus.


What do I get for my Registration fee?

There is NO Prorated Fee as training, materials, and site fees must be purchased before the camp begins. These fees cover the costs of food service, program supplies, replacement materials, youth and adult identification, health and medical supplies, site costs, and the cost of trained leadership via the National Camping School accreditation process. Adults are asked to pay $60.00 to cover food, shelter, and shower costs during their time in camp. The Goal of the Five Rivers Council is to provide camp program that are all Nationally Accredited. Check out the event registration page on our calendar!

To review the video presentation about our COVID safety plan and how we are going to make things safe please click here

Campership Donation

Camperships are designed to financially assist a Scout and their family have a summer camp experience. The funding is gathered from support of the community and Scout families.

If you would like to support our Campership fund click here

Shooting Director

For information about the Shooting Sports training Click Here