Shooting Sports

The Five Rivers Council Shooting Sports Committee has responsibility for and is the sole approving
authority related to any shooting sports activity conducted at the council, district or unit level.

Responsibility is throughout the entire calendar year on any camp, community or personal property
within council or out of council territory.

All activities are subject to the rules, regulations, policies, procedures, guidelines, recommendations and
suggestions found in the below referenced documents.

The purpose of the committee is to manage and provide resources to the council, the camping committee, and the council camps for all activities involving shooting sports whether during summer camps or during year-round shooting opportunities. All shooting sports activities should be coordinated through the shooting sports committee to verify that a safe and responsible program is planned and conducted by properly trained and currently certified personnel.

The committee is composed of a shooting sports chairman/coordinator with a working understanding of summer camp and off-season programs, and the knowledge, skills, and attitude to organize and run safe ranges and shooting sports programs. The chairman is appointed by the council president or his or her designee. The committee shall report to the council vice president for program, the camping committee chair, the health and safety chair, or the council risk management committee chair as appropriate for the individual council organization.

Reference: National BSA Shooting Sports Manual & National BSA Camp Accreditation Program, BSA Shooting Sports Manual – Chapter 4: Council Shooting Sports Committee Organization, BSA Shooting Sports Manual – Council Shooting Sports Committee Chair Responsibilities

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Program Level Shooting Sports Approved Activities


Cub Scouts: Council and District Level events ONLY
Approved Activities : Target Shooting Only
BB Guns: Webelos may use pellet rifles
Archery: Long Bow & Compound Bow only
Slingshots & catapults
Water, Rubber Band, and Marshmallow Guns.
Scouts BSA: Council and District Level events. Unit Level events MUST be coordinated with the Shooting Sports Committee Chairperson
Approved Activities: Target Shooting Only
All activities authorized for Cub Scouts
.22 Cal Bolt Action Rifles (Minimum 12yo)
Shotgun (Minimum 12yo)
Black Powder Rifles and Shotguns (Minimum 12yo)
Tomahawk and Knife throwing
Paint Ball activities
VENTURING (Sea Scouts) Council and District Level events. Unit Level events MUST be coordinated with the Shooting Sports Committee Chairperson
All activities approved for Cub Scouts, and Scouts BSA: Target Shooting, to include competition shooting. 
Any rifle and shotgun that is legal in the state of the activity
Revolvers and Semi-Automatic Pistols including black powder
Hunting Trips: Black powder and Archery only.


Council Shooting Activities

The Council Shooting Sports committee hosts and runs a variety events at both the District and Council level in the Five Rivers Council. Below is a listing of the types of events that are organized. These events include shooting events, training events and fundraising events. You can find the next scheduled event on the Shooting Sports Calendar.


    • NRA Basic Firearm Trained – This is an opportunity to become NRA Basic Firearms Trained. For those who wish to become more familiar with rifle and shotgun firearms. The course covers, safe gun handling, proper way to shoot these firearms, and how to maintain the firearms. Upon completion of these courses the participant will be eligible to take the NRA Instructor courses for Rifle and Shotgun. 
    • NRA Basic Instructor – This course will allow you to be a merit badge counselor and be able to do the whole merit badge, you will also be able to help during Summer Camp when needed.
    • Rangemaster (Cub) – All Range Officer certifications are valid for 2 years and can ONLY be used at Cub Scout Day Camps, and official Five Rivers Council or District Shooting Sports events.
    • USA Archery Level 1 & 2 Instructors


    • Pigeon Plop – Similar to Cow or Horse Plop: The parade field at Camp Gorton will be divide into 225 squares measuring 10’x10’ each. Each square has its own dollar value. A “wobble” throwing machine launches 25 clay pigeons from each of the 4 corners for a total of 100. The squares with the “most pigeons” in each of the 7 sections, wins the amount listed below with one VERY SPECIAL center square.
    • Sporting Clay Shoot – Sporting clays is a little bit of skeet shooting, a little bit of trap shooting with some golf thrown in for good measure. It’s a shotgun shooting game in which clay pigeons are presented to the shooter in ways that mirror the flight pattern of game birds, or occasionally rabbits, in their natural habitats. Sporting clays is exciting, challenging and LOTS OF FUN, no matter if you’re a beginner, novice or experienced shooter. The shooting grounds are  laid out in stations also called stands along a course similar to golf & you shoot between 4 & 6 rounds per station.
    • Pintwood Derby – Remember racing your pinewood derby car as a Cub or helping your own Scout? Now’s your time to see what you can do.

Unit Shooting Days at Camp Gorton

Any Pack, Troop or Crew wanting to participate in a shooting activity at Camp Gorton, must contact the Shooting Sports Committee Chairman. The following restrictions apply: 

NO reservations will be approved when a Council event/activity is scheduled and posted on the Council Calendar. 

NO reservations will be approved when a District event/activity is scheduled and posted on the Council Calendar AND the unit is from the same District. 

NO reservations will be approved during scheduled closures of either camp or certain holidays that fall on a weekend. 

There are 2 available time slots when scheduling:

9:00 am – 11:00am or 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Activities that can be done with the Shooting Sports Committee:

Troops – .22 Caliber Rifles, Shotguns and Muzzleloaders. Youth 12+ yrs only

Crews – Long Guns, Pistols, Shotguns and Muzzleloaders. Youth 14+yrs only


To check on availability, make reservations or for questions contact:

Jim Griffin Shooting Sports Committee Chair

607-292-3227 or


Hosted & Conducted by the FRC Shooting Sports Committee

Who can attend these training courses?

    1. Any adult interested in becoming an NRA Instructor & Rifle or Shotgun Merit Badge Counselor.
    2. Any adult interested in supporting a Council Day Camp or Family Camp program as a Cub Scout Shooting Director.

{You’ll also automatically become a member of the Council Shooting Sports Committee.}

What’s involved in becoming certified in NRA Basics or Cub Scout Shooting Director?

    1. The first step of any NRA training is NRA Basics for the discipline wanted (i.e. rifle, shotgun, ect). 
    2. After Basics is completed you are then eligible to take the Instructors Course for the Basic Discipline that you certified in.

To become a Cub Scout Shooting Director, everyone must complete a ½ day training that is specific ONLY to the Cub Scout Shooting Programs and will be held at Camp Gorton.

{ANY Day Camp or Family Camp program that includes a shooting activity MUST have a certified director or the program will not be approved by the Shooting Sports Committee.}

When are the training dates?

There are a variety of training dates that are scheduled, specific dates can be found on the Shooting Sports Calendar.

If you have at least 4 people (minimum 16yrs of age) who are interested in becoming instructors, you may be able to schedule your own course. Please contact the Shooting Sports Committee Chair for more information.

Shooting Sports Forms

Joining the Committee

If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please contact the Shooting Sports Committee Chair.

You do NOT need to be an instructor or hold any certifications to participate.

Schedule of meetings can be found on the Shooting Sports Calendar. Contact Shooting Sports Committee Chair for current location of the meetings.


Shooting Sports Chair: Jim Griffin 607-292-3227

Staff Advisor: Karl Ziegenfus 607-743-6899


Camp Gorton Range from above

Shooting Sports Calendar