Our endowment is critical, in fact, essential in funding our programmatic mission and the operational functions of our organization.  Of all of the charitable donation requests donors receive, perhaps one should ask oneself two questions:  Is the organization and its mission worthy?  Will my financial contribution make a difference?  Both questions can resoundingly be answered in the affirmative.  Our endowment serves to underwrite our local scout programs as well as underpin our financial stability.  In turn, it provides a beacon of light for countless youth and forges the values and principles outlined in the Scout Oath and Scout Law into a future generation of leading citizens.  Is there any contribution of any kind more worthy or impactful for our community?

The James E. West Award ($1,000 or more gifted in one year) and the Second Century Society Award ($25,000 or more gifted over five years) provides you with this opportunity. 

Contact your local District Executive for more information or click here to donate!