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The Five Rivers Council and the National BSA offer a wide variety of online tools to make the operations of Units, Districts and Council events and activities easier and more streamlined. Here you will find help for most of the issues that you may encounter.

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My.Scouting – My.Scouting is the main interface to take any and all training and access to a variety of Unit tools

Scoutbook – Scoutbook is a full featured Unit Management Software that is available for all Units to use. Scoutbook can manage your Advancement, Unit Calendar, recording Service Hours, Attendance and so much more. 

Event Registration Support – We use an event registration software called Black Pug. This is used for all events (Camp, Camporees, OA, etc)

Video Conference – As our time becomes more limited, the Five Rivers Council has responded in helping you make the most of it by embracing new modes of communication.

Online Training Support – All online classes (YPT, Position Specific, etc) can be found on My.Scouting


Scouting Forums – Click Here   Great area to find answers to common problems and see things that are coming 

Local Contact – This should be used after you have looked for the answer on this site. We have some volunteers that have a familiarity with many of the online tools and can help guide you. Submit a support ticket

  • The Council can not fix any log in issues. – Click here
  • The Council can not view your Unit’s account

Scouting has many online tools to help all volunteers do their jobs. However, sometimes issues arise. If you are having trouble with any of the BSA online tools please submit a ticket and one of our experience volunteers will help you solve it. This was formerly offered by the National Office as Member Care but has been closed and is now a local Council service.

If you have strong skills in the use of any online tools and would like to be a tech support member please click here. Please include the online tools that you can provide support in.

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